Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"


DUDE, you're the new deadmau5 :D
i love this :D
i love how you did the bass :)


great inspiration for my future works :D
nice and simple
love it
perfect mastering

Keep'em Commin!

This song is some awesome anytime music. Very chill and has a good beat. It is a repetitive song (But in a good way!). I personally cannot critique this song. It is too good for me to notice any flaws or abnormalities.
Awesome Job!

10/10 Fo Sho

-The Hammans
(Thuh Hah-mins)

awesome work

its great to hear some quality work on newgrounds. often either people settle for anything, or artists dont feel like submitting their work here because it is really good. (and not to mention house).

this is a great piece and I love the emotional part to it. i always like it because it really gets you into the music. If you made music like this, hell id buy your CD. i dont like many many mainstream artists in the electronic department, so in my book you are better than many.

Also, i may be wrong(as you are more devoted and talented than I am), but maybe tone down the closed hi hat a little bit. i think it takes away a little bit of the song, and makes the beat a tiny bit funky. maybe just me, but im leaning on that it does a little. if you could respond to me that would be good since im always learning more about developing music.

this is by far....

quite emotional....i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT! :)

thank you for bringing joy to my ears :)