Reviews for "Nostalgia In Space (NG Cut)"

Very good

The first 30 second remind me of cosmosis and the song as a whole has a nice flow.

Listen son,

I don't know if you hear this a lot...
but your tracks are so good

I truly do believe you could get yourself signed to record label.
You've got a gift my boy, don't let it go to waste.


ure only 15 and already i could compare this song with the works of dj tiesto. Realy smooth. Keep up the good work and the future will explode with greatness for u.

I think I love you...

No I'm just kiddin. But seriously... this is awesome on to many levels to describe.
Really good. It... it blends more than it mixes. Mixes is to harsh of a word. Really calm and smooth. Plus it evolves with a liquid transition. So clean and precise. Wow.
5/5 10/10. Amazing. I rarely write reviews this long. Anyway, keep up the good work.


I must say this is the best house i ever heard ;]
I just wish some 1 could teach me how to use propellerhead :S ;[