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Reviews for "The Clock Lock"

Oh man this is funny!

Zictor here, This is fucking brilliant! Especially having Glow in there ^_^. Everyones like OH MY GOD ITS A GIRL!!!!!!

You're damn right to make this! 5'd For pure awesomeness!

FryLock responds:

Thanks, Zictor. You are brilliant, too.


Good, but way too short. You might want to add a bit more animation in it too.

FryLock responds:

This is supposed to be a little short.


me and boggles_ are doing a collab together with clocks locks glocks and spoons ...and well spoons suck so pretell maY WE USE YOUR CLOCK LOCkS? cos we need them to be either an enimy or just a house (were spoofin harry potter) plz email me and il send u wat weve made so far.(or find one of my movies any way will do really...as long as u email me!!!!

FryLock responds:

I have no idea what you just said.



I Love em... In fact i am inventing a clock lock irl! would make a fun commercial in the lock show :D

<3 Satanclock

FryLock responds:

Awesome sauce.

Good Work

though next time try to make a bit longer. Great work though. =)

FryLock responds:

Will do.