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Reviews for "The Clock Lock"

((( NEAT IDEA )))

This was good, i like the idea of the "CLOCK LOCK" could use more color to it other then the black and white, it did seem abit short but was neat, and funny how its in a comercial form which made it neat aswell, anyways nice job, you should make more like this soon...


this is the only clock/lock i will vote for justly

first, thank you for doing some god damn VOICE ACTING. i normaly just vote 0 after i watch clock/lock...but this...this was good. i give you a 4/5 (not perfect because im clock/lock...ist...(like racist but against clocks, and locks). yeah...

FryLock responds:



Make seizure 4

FryLock responds:



"You will get in every LL collab, even though you just learned tweening last week"



FryLock responds:

I written that because it's true.

I laughed and I cried

Sigh, if only this flash weren't true. =( But ROFL! That was really funny stuff. And the easter egg made me lol. ;P Good ol' Winchester.

FryLock responds:

Nooooooo! Brian!