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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

One question...

I liked it, and i like how when sonic turned super, he didn't just kick metal sonics ass, they were still evenly matched. One uestion though, who won? They both seemed to die in that big explosion, but i didn't know if the metal one died or not.

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

You'll find out in the series... :D
I will give you one answer if you noticed Sonic landed on Tails plane in the end... Therefore he must be alive..
However he wasn't Super...

What is the reason of this? Only I know.

I will release the script somewhere in September once I finish it...

It will be in the forums though...
It won't be a flash...

The preview for Sonic -Project Mecha-
will come out somewhere in November.

It'll be different from most previews...

It'll actually like pla the real flash... just not the whole thing..

Not bad..

The animation was okay, I just think some story elements were misused, and that's what really makes this a not-4-or-5 movie.

First; Sonic doesn't actually shoot blasts from his hands or anything while in Super Form; I think what really makes him versile in there, is the fact that his entire body becomes "mostly" invulnerable and thus makes a far better weapon than chaos energy would. This is why he actually tends to ram into opponents; Sonic, while in Super Form, is far faster than any beams of energy or rockets would be (the same could be said of Super Shadow) and thus it's way better to just slam in.

Other misused concept is calling the bad guy "Mecha" Sonic; Mecha Sonic is an invention of the comics (I'm not sure which ones it was that introduced roboticization, I think it was Fleetway) where "Mecha" meant roboticized. (Thus, Mecha Sonic = Sonic turned into a robot, hence the particular storyline of the comics, Mecha Madness) The robot you used is simply another version of Metal Sonic; the version history would go that Silver Sonic is the prototype, leading to an earlier version of Metal Sonic (the one seen in Sonic CD, which is then destroyed in Knuckles Chaotix), and THEN leading to Metal Sonic MK. III (as seen in Sonic 3 & Knuckles). Unless we count cameos, Sonic Heroes hosts the MK. IV version of Metal Sonic, shoving aside Sonic Fighters and the other racing games that for some reason shoved him back to MK. II (Sonic CD/Chaotix form).


Pretty Good

I'm not usually a big fan of things like this, but that was alright, good job.


It was'nt bad,but saying you're 13 won't give you higher points.

pretty good

It was pretty good, but i think the ending was a bit rushed, and I think you should have showed that mecha sonic wasnt finished off.