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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

Loved it.

I myself am A spriter.

Now I have A question

Was this really your first flash?

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:


pretty exelent for your first flash

no blurry problems
or any other problems

so good job

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Well there was one I'm sure many noticed.... but at parts in the end where Super Sonic was charging up.
It had Metal Explode animation... really weird cuz it doesn't happen when I just run through it in flash


You rock, I can't believe a thirteen year old can do something like that! Rock on!

wow, that was cool.

i really liked it. except for the end, the wasnt enough explosion, maybe you could have had a sound effect or sumthin i dunno...


Thats really cool I enjoyed it. I thought its really good. Keep up the good work!