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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

not bad , nice

I've never made a flash yet but want to! I thought it kicked Ass for a first movie!;)

the fight couldve been better

this was something i always wanted to see since im a big fan of sonic 3 and knuckles super/hypersonic vs super metal/mecha sonic but the fight wasnt that great u should make another 1 a longer fight and for it to show the whole thing not just small scenes


Im 13 also, my first movie was about as good, but it got blamed cause a 12 year old kid thought I ask for people "To go easy on me cause im 13"

I said nothing of the sort....

Well, its ok, coulda used sound effects....

3 outta 5...

Ek, its okay

Its an okay movie. It needed more of a story line. Also when mecha sonic was defeated it looked wierd. Sonic finsihed the mecha sonic clones off way to easily. I give it a 6 for good effort.


Reminds me of a game looked good to. I just joined so... anyway it was good i really think it went fast kinda and the way it was made was good.if you gave it more of a story line it wouldn't hurt. I give this a 6/10