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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

Nice and Simple

You sure thats your first try? It was pretty good. It was just like a cartoon music video. And the chaos emerald count-off thing was a great touch! I'm your age and I don't think I could come up with that. It just ended too suddenly, you know.

((( OK )))

I had to relaod this a second time it stopped on the target screen, but started off great with the sonics running and the fast paced music was cool and got it going and me into it but then stops, i would love to see more though, nice job...


good for your first flash

good! cool music! sonic! potatoes!
great for your first flash!

It was OK.

...but EVERYONE knows that's NOT the Dr. Wily theme from Megaman, it's the Bubbleman theme (rock edit) from Megaman II. The transitions between scenes can be better, and yes, I'm aware this is your first Flash. It was OK for a starter... so keep 'em coming!


Above average, especially for a first movie... ^^ The Dr Wiley theme from Megaman seemed a little out of place... but yeah, pretty good, I guess