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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"


That was pretty cool!

Very good tribute!Especially for a first!And at 13

Dude! For how early you started with a decent flash to newgrounds is remarkable! Im surly nowhere near as good as you, I always get blammed. Keep it up and ull be with the big boys!


Like Zezimia said, you were born to make Sonic flashes! The graphics were great, the background music nice, and the style of the flash truly was Sonic. For this one you got my Overall 8 and my Rating of 4. Make another and you'll have my 10 and 5.


wow that was amazing!do more like this!sweet music too!u were born to make sonic flashes!


For a first timer this flash was really well constructed, ok a little repetitive and slightly awkward looking at moments but not bad. Practice your camera angles and your animation sprite movement and you'll get alot better in the future, I liked how well you made the sonic sprite move, it was well animated, good luck in your future projects!