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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

Don't listen to Jarr.

I thought it was actually good. Besides, I love these sprite flashes, because it reminds me of the 16-bit era (Ah, the memories).

Anyway, don't let him get you down, I liked it, and I can't wait to see more work from you.

By the way, this gets a 4/5.

stop it!!

Nobody likes sonic anymore. Maybe 13 years ago sure but not now. Play battlefield 2 or something and make a flash about that. At least its a GOOD game.

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Geez... Irony since I already have played battlefield 2.

Killing is fuz ^_^

Great for your first flash!

This flash is grat for your first, and the mix of DBZ and Sonic is really cool

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

How is it a mix with DBZ?
Did you know that DBZ super sayan or whatever was copied from Sonic?
-The more you know-

Well it's alright.

But you don't have to be ashamed of your age. The animation could have been faster. Like 25 fps or so. Well the ending got a little confusing. Try not rushing it next time. Good job for a beginner.

Good man

Wow dude.. that was awesome for your first flash, my only complaints are well... nothing too really original about it, but than, it IS your first flash, so just keep on trying, and try to make something more original, oh and a like, forget what its called, ugh just remember pre-loader screens, and a way to pause the move, change scenes, that thing are really appreciated, anyhow keep it up, hope to see more from you!