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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"


You say this is your first flash? You could have told me twice! Excellent work!


That was kick ass! Especially for your first flash! 5'D


DUDE THAT KICKED @$$!!! Seriously, when I saw the author's comment: "this is my first flash...." I was thinking " aw man this must suck if he has to ask for pity by hoping people will be synpathatic to a first flash..." but dude that was freaken awsome!
Welcome to Newgrounds!

Well done flash.

For a first flash it's quite good.


It wasn't bad, but it wasn't all good. I don't beleive this was your first flash, and saying your 13, noone cares. It ended too suddenly. Should be sound effects.

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

I was planning on making it longer but the song was to short... I could've easily added more... but I was lazy :D