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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

pretty good

i think you did alright. you are definatly on the right track. keep improving

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Thanks. Probably going to make a series. Maybe it'll get front page ;D

Hmm....It screams fanboy. It was kinda dumb.

I Can't really tell how much time you wasted on it, but it doesn't look like much. Put more time into detail and coloration, and trie to make the characters look like they exist. Mecha sonic looked like a manakin.

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

They're called sprites ;D

You got potential...

You got alot of potential for someone that is only 13... So congradulations on your first flash... Good job.

That was not ur first flash

I can believe ur 13, I'm 2. But that was too good 4 a first attempt

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Why do people think This wasn't my first flash?

Loved it.

I myself am A spriter.

Now I have A question

Was this really your first flash?

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds: