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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"


nice for your first flash. the song was cool and yeah. now if you just put a start buttion or replay, you could of had something in interactivity. Cya

One question...

I liked it, and i like how when sonic turned super, he didn't just kick metal sonics ass, they were still evenly matched. One uestion though, who won? They both seemed to die in that big explosion, but i didn't know if the metal one died or not.

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

You'll find out in the series... :D
I will give you one answer if you noticed Sonic landed on Tails plane in the end... Therefore he must be alive..
However he wasn't Super...

What is the reason of this? Only I know.

I will release the script somewhere in September once I finish it...

It will be in the forums though...
It won't be a flash...

The preview for Sonic -Project Mecha-
will come out somewhere in November.

It'll be different from most previews...

It'll actually like pla the real flash... just not the whole thing..

very very good for your first flash!

This is a very good flash! This is worth seeing twice or more. Keep it up!

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

I will :D
I'm already starting a series.

It's only going to have Sonic characters... and only the originals from the first games.. also a few from the TV shows and comics, such as uncle Chuck,Manick and Sonia,and others.

Make sure to keep checking for it!
It's going to be called
Sonic -Project Mecha-

Only your first Flash? Have you practiced before?

This was a pretty good sprite movie for only being your first! Music choice was splended (seriously, where did you get the remixed Bubbleman theme?), you did not mix sprite bittages, and your effects were neat and beautiiful! Especially with Sonic's super-smooth movements! However, next time, I'd suggest animating the flames from Tails' plane so that it looks like it's propelling the plane like it does in the game, instead of having it look like just an image that's sliding across the screen. Same with the "energy blasts" super Sonic uses against Mecha. Animating those would have been minor, but also would have made it look much more professional! Also, as o_lilmario_0 stated before, it looks a bit like his movie on the front page, however, that by no means makes it bad! In fact, taking an existing idea and adding your own unique twists on it is nothing to be ashamed of, as even real games/movies/TV-Shows do it sometimes! Of course, I'm not saying that you did, I'm just talking in general here!

Anyways, with such spriting finesse and skill shown in your first flash movie, you're definetly well on your way to becoming an excellent sprite flash artist! Keep it up, and good luck with your future movies!

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Hardly.... i did a little but not with sprites.

pretty exelent for your first flash

no blurry problems
or any other problems

so good job

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Well there was one I'm sure many noticed.... but at parts in the end where Super Sonic was charging up.
It had Metal Explode animation... really weird cuz it doesn't happen when I just run through it in flash