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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

Pretty Good

I'm not usually a big fan of things like this, but that was alright, good job.

I love Sonic movies!

Those sprites were really cool, I loved how you made that flash!


super metal sonic is not red...he's gold and if you could add some sounds for caracters not only music it would be cool

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

How is the one in the movie red?
I got him off a sprite sheet...
A RIPPED sprite sheet...

Was pretty good..... but!

The ending was simply just..Rushed.

I mean nice fight scene, fade effect was used well, but you didn't get to see Robotnik get attacked or anything, you just saw the Death Egg get explodeded!!!11

I think you need to put more time into the ending, thats about it....And like the other guy said, make the scenes a lil less choppy.

Good work though! Looking forward to your next flash.

Super-Sonic-Spriter responds:

Ya I was in a bit of a rush...
and as i've said in reviews before.

I only had that quick ending because the song was ending...
I could of made it longer but I was lazy :D

It's better than my first flash was.

And if you count animation period, forget it! Some parts were a little choppy, but they were basicly just messed-up attempts to make really advanced camera movement, which isn't so bad, being that it is your first. Good job overall, I love both those tracks, but as darkalien34 said, sound fx for the next one could make it better. Now that can use sprites normally, use them more effectively and it'll look pro. Add fluid movements, better camera movement, and... I can't think of a third thing, maybe use that fade over effect again? (pretty cool) Good luck with your next flash!