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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"


This is preatty darn shweet! Only one thing; They need to talk!!! Other wise I am looking foward to more animations from you!

good one

very nice sprite animation you got here. you say your only 13 too... very impressive animation for a 13-year old, especially a sprite one. most 13-year old made sprite movies are boring, but this one was very entertaining, a super effort in it, cool audio and it was great to watch.

nice job on this one here..... hope to see more flash from you.

Perfect for 13 years old!

13? With so good work, u must be really good! Keep it up! I cant wait 2 see more of your animations!

That was good for a first flash

And your only 13! Keep up the good work.

Also, can you tell me how long does it take to make flashes?


You rock, I can't believe a thirteen year old can do something like that! Rock on!