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Reviews for "Sonic -Mecha-"

the story of mecha sonic is in super mario bros z ep 2.i am gona finish the movies

dont get it

why is one mecha sonic stronger than the reast? :( i wanted them to be tough and why couldent they!!!!!!!

cool in fact i like it!

no way that this is gonna fail!its cool make more
thw vote is 4/5 but its good cool and your submissions are awsome
keep it going!

Good Job

I personall thought that this was a good movie. But diologue could help a little. Anyways I'm sure you will be able to come out with a little better one than this and i think it's pretty good for your 1st one.

Good try i suppose

It's a low score cause i'm tired of sprites yet maybe you can't draw so it's a better thing you used sprites.