Reviews for "Comming For You"

wow, fantastic !!!!!!

I don't usaully like heavy metal, but I loved your song!! Mostly because most heavy seems to have no structure, and random loud screaming, that is devoured of oder among the medley, harmony, and etc. But yours told a story, and flowed from the beging to end, With a apparent musical structure.

Works for me!

Ill be listening to this while I'm plowing snow this year. Great heavy equipment music.


This is punk.

Dimoria responds:

Balle ?

Thats what I'm talking about!

Damn, it sucks that people have to be such assholes on Newgrounds and vote zeros on REALLY awesome songs! (I've had my fair share of zeros in my days here :/) But anyway, AWESOME song! Downloaded!

Again, nice work

Nice work on the song it really puts some people in a mood of love and destruction like me =) , but all in all it kicks some serious ass