Reviews for "Comming For You"

Works for me!

Ill be listening to this while I'm plowing snow this year. Great heavy equipment music.


I'm not sure how I feel about your guitar tone on this one. It seems a much on the highs. But I love the track non the less. But I do have to disagree with the guy below me on the whole "most metal songs have no structure" I guess what he heard was crap compared to bands such as Adagio and Scar Symmetry and Opeth. Some of the best bands that have really good stucture in there songs. Anyway enough of my rambling lol. I love every thing on this track. It would be sweet if some vox was thrown on the there. Killer stuff! fav'd 5'd and 10/10. Check out my new track "Awakened" if you have'nt. PEACE!


wow, fantastic !!!!!!

I don't usaully like heavy metal, but I loved your song!! Mostly because most heavy seems to have no structure, and random loud screaming, that is devoured of oder among the medley, harmony, and etc. But yours told a story, and flowed from the beging to end, With a apparent musical structure.