Reviews for "Comming For You"


This is punk.

Dimoria responds:

Balle ?


You definitely have this romance-metal stuff down real well. The melodies are simple, but they're still aurally pleasing. Plus, that little guitar solo is emotionally epic and touching. I like it.


This song gives me the mental image of someone standing alone in the snow waiting for the one they love to fight their way to them. I love it. Keep up the good work.

Sounds cool

You sure have been more on the melodic side as of late. Only thing that seems to be bothering me; I crave for more complexity with the riffs. It's too simple-ISH for me, but it's still a very nice tune.


Dimoria responds:

One can't really make complex riffs in a 2 - 3 hr spann :) Check out Don't care for more complex shit :)

lmao "heavy metal"

This isn't heavy metal it sounds like some kind of punk, it sure as hell isn't heavy metal.

Dimoria responds:

You suck. And if you weren't retarded the only metal genre here on NG is HEAVY Metal. Douche.