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Reviews for "go go go"

stop cryin

so wat if he ripped it. totaly diff he animated it and drew it. i bet the other of u guys cant even animate that stop cryin god

Something farmiliar

and I know what it is too. Snake's scene was stolen. It a scene from a Jackie Chan movie though I can't remember which, maybe Rush Hour... Now I wouldn't have minded so much if you had referenced it in your credits, but there wasn't.

The animation was great, don't great me wrong. Far better than anything I can do. I really like the freeze after each scene that went from cartoony to sketch-like freeze frame. Tres chic! So definately keep up the good work, but just make sure to give credit for ideas where credit is due. I'm looking forward to your future stuff!

Its okay

It was cool but i didnt like the fact taht the whole movie looked like it was an intro even the end

Not too original...

Let's see, the swordsman scene looked too much like Lupin the 3rd's Goemon fighting, that one scene with the board being kicked and the large wheel thing was rather Jackie Chanish, and that one part towards the end with the soccerball is straight from Shaolin Soccer. I've seen alot of Lupin the 3rd, Jackie Chan movies, and I have watched Shaolin Soccer at least 3 times (got DVD) so I know what I am talking about. You did good with animation, though it was stiff at times. Sound FX were setup well and the music was fitting. The action got a bit boring due to stiff animation. And that golf scene, which seemed to be the only original part here, gave me a chuckle. Try to put more originality, like in the golf scene, and people won't type the kind of review I am typing. Oh, and fix up the animation. The fight scenes will flow much more smoothly.

Ugh... Medoukali...

What happened?
You're style was GREAT before...
This style is horrible and frankly.. n00bish.

I miss the 24 min. style.