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Reviews for "go go go"

Not ANOTHER one...

What's with people and tracing nowadays? This was okay until I realized that part of it was a trace of a Jackie Chan movie and part of it was a trace of Shaolin Soccer, which means that most or all of it was probably a trace of something. I don't get why people trace stuff and change faces and then think they can call it their own work. At first I didn't know why this had such a low score, but now I'd bet that other people just noticed what I saw too.

a bit short

terrific show only the graphics aren't verry good
and its a bit short.

Good job

Kind of short but some good shit man nice music/sound work congrats on that. Graphics where a lil bit rough but it was prety original.

Nice work dude :D

It's nice seeing a diversification of animated fight :D at least it's not another stick people animation (some are cool thought xiao xiao ><) Keep up drawing I' m pretty sure you'll do great animation later!


Nuff' said