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Reviews for "go go go"


U should made it longer. i was waiting to see if they actually stared fighting each other

too short

It was over when i thought it was just beginning. The whole thing looked like a title sequence. would be good if longer.


Too bad that every dumbass in NG has come to review your submission, eh? God...

WELL... Hm, I must say, I quite enjoyed that! Not too long, good angles of the kicking-of-ass... Real names may have helped your characters a little :/... But, I do suppose that's your choice. Oh, and your drawing style? It's not the best, but it translates well into action scenes! Bravo! I tip my hat to you in and old-fanshioned style! :P


How can anyone give this any better then a 0? The quality of this was so terrible, I attempted to find negative numbers. The drawing was pitiful, I could shove a pencil in my ass and draw better then that. Not to mention the fact that most of this crap was from movies. Seriously, Medoukali Vincent, just quit.

Fuck I noticed it too

You traced that shit off movies, pathetic. I mean, seriously, the best part about making a movie is writing and creating your own shit, and Im sure alot of people will agree with me. Plus you cant draw for the sweat on my balls. Shit like this shouldnt have made its way through judgement.