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Reviews for "go go go"

Its okay

It was cool but i didnt like the fact taht the whole movie looked like it was an intro even the end

you could do better

wassnt that part were they fought on a construction site kinda lookin thing from a jacky chan movie i remided me of one!!!!

Why waste your time on this?

Obviously theres a reason why you need to go down 12 more reviews before finding someone who rated this a 10. You definitely have some potential in there, but then so does everyone who takes the time to learn how to make frame-by-frames.


that really sucked, from the shitty scenes to the shitty animation. all in all, i'm gonna go slam my head into a wall.


some of the animations were alright, but for Snake's scene you completely copied a scene from Jackie Chan's, "Mr. Nice Guy" (great movie), it was EXACTLY what happens in the movie, you should have given credits were needed, but ill admit you animated it fairly well. I would say that you have animation down pretty well, but practice on your artwork.