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Reviews for "go go go"


you are a capitalist this flash smelled like hollywood i dont like it


that was amazing man! good job! the animaiton was so good! that totaly OWNS, I really hope you make a series with those charicters kicking ass :D that was short, but incredible.

Good Stuff...

I though it was good overall, the graphics were unique, it was a mixed up storyline about three dudes, but in a good way, and it was put together well. Just one thing about the guy with the sword + blue jumper - That is one HELL of a double chin.

I'm just glad that purple dude sliced him up.


I LOVED IT but....those heads....they were just....not good....it was weird....but other then that...the fighting....the animation...awesome^^


wow that whole snake fight scene wasnt stolen from a jackie chan movie...*cough*
other than that your animation was decent, decent drawings, fairly jerky but yea..nothing special