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Reviews for "go go go"

thanks :)

hey man thanks for the 3 min sit thru of shit like it made 100% no sence to me hey im a C student in school so ill give u that im not so smart but like it was a bunch of random things i dunno man maybe theres something about this i just dont get but other wise i didnt like it sorry sir

Good job.

Nice, i liked the snake part, and the art... Nice one.


This was a really good animation overall, however they were very simple drawings.. :( The animation was great, so it is forgiven.

:D i fifened

what the

not a steal from any other persons art but everything snake did was from a jakie chan movie and sword seemed to be ripped straight from sholin soccer in 1 scene.. so like a compilation of awsome movies to make a wierd yet intresting movie

Pretty good.

A nice flash. I thought the ideas used in this were very creative and it was quite an interesting flash to watch. Keep up the good work.