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Reviews for "go go go"

umm. no

no stroy or plot- no good. horrible and short, thank god it was short.


personally i think you should make more flashes for this lika a series and give it a good story and better graphics. that would be cool.


Yes snake was sooooo Jackie chan ^^ and the fist fight... hmm Tenjou tenge last ep XD i just watched it and it was sooo identical. where did u take sword part from?

it was ass kicking.

but it needs a little work. but it still good though.

do i see jackie chan reference?

nice job. i like the smoothness of the animation. the graphics aren't the greatest, but it all looks hand drawn. so i'll give you credit there. i don't know if it was intended, but your character snake there reminded me of Jackie Chan. all in all, nice flash. there is series potential there.