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Reviews for "go go go"


go go go is awesome. I am hooked on it, i can't stop watching it, the style is wikid. keep up tha good work


good use of tracing frame by frame, nothing wrong with that if you ask me. It would be less obvious though, if the whole movie wasn't done that way.


I'm glad to see someone putting so much work into an animation, and it's great that you're a jackie chan fan and all, but how about an actual story or something? Even if it's just one character saying "Your tie is ugly" and the other going "let's fight!". That'd be better than nothing...

very nice but

i have to say that the animation is very impressive but you need to work on the drawings you are animating they arent very good but if tou can just improve the deawings it you will be one of the fiew outstanding artists on this site


It was alright maybe a story line next time? Just need a simple one for it all to work well. Animation was alright, you might need to raise the frames per second and the timing was a little bit off. Other then that good job :D