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Reviews for "go go go"

it was good

the people could have been drawn better but the animation was great

nice work 4/5


That was a nice one! I really like the people how they move, the motion... Really cool

Really nice!

Nice movement of people, but graphic could be maybe better. Hope to see more of ur work.

Ah, the fine Art of War

Oke, I hope there will come many many more movies of this kind, it's great. nice art nice moves and very smooth. The third guy reminded me of Jacky Chan, can I be mistaken or did you get your inspiration from his fifth movie? Keep this Great Art.

This might take a while...

First off, don't discount this review just because I'm drunk as hell. It made me want to look at some of the other stuff you did, which lead me to your "24 minutes" series, which I thought would be ok. It rocked my fucking world. Not only did it have an amazing musical score (Kill Bill rocks, I think you used some Naruto but I have no idea what the other songs were; expect an email), but the story behind it was fucking great man. You prove that you don't need to have tons of dialouge to have a great story with meaty characters. Bob is an asskicker. Good. You have interesting villains. Good. You have tons of violence, but the key is that it is funny violence that you want to see, not senseless stupid violence that you forcefeed your audience. Good. When I say good, btw, I mean outstanding.

Anyway, on to this movie. I think the graphics were a nice improvement over the 24 minutes graphics, and while the story element was lacking, it felt to me you were testing your new powers. Apply that which you have learned to all you future projects and you will join the ranks of the gods of flash.