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Reviews for "go go go"

Not too shabby

This flash was pretty good overall i liked your style of animation and i realy appreciated the Getbackers 2nd opening at the end so overall nice job keep up the good work

ah dude....

Look im not going to be all against this flash, i like your work its just that the doors and the rolling cable reel was ripped from jacky chan movie (im unsure of title around early 90's) so yeh just observation, otherwise i really enjoyed it

Good work


i thought this movie has some "story-line"
its like a long pre view, and not even long

boring, its a 5 minet job, on heigh class


The animation and the camera, as well as the FX, are really good. But it is short, the drawings could be way better (specially the characters) and it has no plot!
I think you can do much better than this.

Really good but to short

I really liked it , but I thought it was a bit too short. Good action, I liked how when they were running towards the one gut the camera shaked. Keep it up, and try to makeit longer.