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Reviews for "go go go"

Very cool..slicy-dicy is good ^_^

It was a bit choppy but still very cool..didnt matter if you traced or not..you arent gettin paid to make this, its like writing friggin fan fiction. and to all you reviewers who said "this sucks dont you let me see somethin this bad again"...whatcha gonna do about it? you say he ripped it off somethin...so what? he made the movie for the hell of it..you fucktards expect top of the line, completely origional, perfect quality movies...from a non-profit, free post site...you all are morons..especially since you think the statement "dont let me see crap like this again" has any effect on the author at all..who are you to say that?

Good job, great animation

The animation was choppy, low framerate, but the fluid movement and cool action scenes covers for that. This was very simaler to the style anime is animated. Great animation, but the character form didn't stay the same throughout the animation, the length and size of their leg changed. Work harder on making your characters keep the same look throughout the animation.

The art was so-so, needs some work. The art style didn't really fit the animation style and all the fighting.

Good animation, full of sound and lotsa action. But it needs some work.



crazy to watch


I hereby accuse you of tracing kung fu movies, including but not limited to Jackie Chan and Shaolin soccer.


Besides the art, this was very good. The animation was amazing. A little short though. But that doesn't matter.