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Reviews for "go go go"


that was great, it was fluid, and it all...just...how long did that take you??!!!! Next time, make the character models more detailed, they were kind of bland.

awsome shit

nice moves it's has a good flow to it too. keep going i want to see more of them, when you make your next movie you should make the 3 of them fight that would be awsome.

jackie chan?

ok I remeber the snake part being from an early jackie chan movie. what the fuck? oh well it was great though so I give you props.


Good animation, BUT it happens to be ripp-off sequences from other parts...
As a previous review says... the sword part is taken from Naruto, and the "snake" sequence is an exact copy of a Jackie Chan movie... I dont mind if you do that, but at least give credit from where you took the ideas...

nice action

it has some pretty kik ass fight scenes, except it only lasted about 45 seconds....hmmm