Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"

Good, but...

I'm finding it waaaaaay too hard :S

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

it gets easyer!

nicely done

i really sucked at this game, it seems vevy nicely done though lol, i'm kinda dissapointed that its good, i've been finding a lot of crap, and having a lot of fun blamming, but anyway, i'll give u a 4

Actually very good!

Everything is good, but when I get into the higher digits of money (5-12) It shows nothing. Just letting you know!


was lots of fun, but sound got annoying after awhile ^_^ if you guys wanna play my dude (max stats and crap) name is sdfsdf


NeverStrikesTwice responds:

well... the save system dosn't work that way... it only saves the game on your system... other people cant play your file

very impressive, but much work needed

The graphics are amazing, the sounds are well-played, but there are just so many places where you could improve:



once one of the enemies dissapeared after being shot at, but didn't explode or drop any money, and the round wouldn't end, so I had to close the window, but all my stuff was still saved when I re-loaded. Kind of a weird bug

it started to always say I died after I completed the mission (seemingly only on mission 20 though)

when playing level 19, it would sometimes just stop in the middle of it (after 2 foes were left) and say that I had completed the mission

basic cannon firing rate upgrade never reaches 'max,' just stops letting you upgrade when it's at 60 (and 400 cost)


those are all the should be fixed, here are game suggestions:

The choice of key 'backspace' to toggle music became awkward when I made typoes entering my codename. As far as keys go, it would also be nice to be able to move left and right with the A and D keys (in addition to the arrows), because I would prefer to use my numberpad to switch weapons.

The game also lags like mad when I use the upgraded chain gun, especially on lower levels, which begin to lag by themselves. This is even on low-quality with a high-end computer..

It is silly that the later-level enemies don't "have better drops" than earlier ones; level 16 has 3 hard enemies, level 3 has 3 insanely easy ones - but both will yield the same, so where's the incentive to do the harder level?

Right now, the game is just 20 "waves," not levels - this feels more like farming for money than playing a game. If you used the graphics you had here, and the ship/weapons upgrade system, in conjunction with a side-scrolling shooter, with more stuff like missiles, this thing would be top 10. Hell, Top 5 - RaidenX is a great game but this one has the potential to be better, you just need to put the work put into it.

WarpZone also brings up many good points in his review, although his overall score of 2 seems overly harsh, as does some of his language.


for anyone curious, there are 20 levels, no passwords, and here are the cash bonuses for the possible items dropped:

100 - gray orb
500 - white orb
1200 - yellow orb
2000 - red diamond
3600 - green diamond
5000 - blue diamond


Max Stats:

1000 Armor
10 Speed

Basic Cannon:
A: 30
S: 20
R: 60
C: 90%

Chain Gun:
A: 10
S: 40
R: 1020
C: 95%

Rail Gun:
A: 100
S: 50
R: 20
C: 50%

Lightning Cannon:
A: 50
S: 15
R: 90
C: 90%

Charged Lightning Cannon:
A: 70
S: 20
R: 360
C: 95%

Plasma Cannon:
A: 140
S: 50
R: 20
C: 50%

(As explained in the game, 'A' is attack damage, 'S' is bullt speed, 'R' is firing rate, and 'C' is cooldown efficiency)