Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"


I really enjoyed playing this, but there were a few things that bothered me.

I understand that, with the way you have the game now, it is necasary to be able to replay levels, otherwise you wouldn't get a second weapon until level 15, but it just made it too easy.

The drifting was nice, it made it more difficult and more realistic (if that even matters).

Overall, i thought this game was too easy, i beat it without dying, and found that with enough armor, you can beat most levels without even moving.

But it was still very fun, keep up the good work :)

A nice challenge.

Boy, those first levels were very difficult. It is cool to see a game that becomes easier as it ventures on. The shop was a good addition because you had to spend your money very wisely. I just bought a bunch of speed increases and got mutilated in the first few levels. Overall, it was a fun game. Keep up the good work!

smart game

but its got a bit of a balance issue, maybe its just me but its too damn hard!

the ship is a slug and your gun is really feeble at the start, if an alien ship goes for the corner, your stuffed as you just cant avoid getting killed

apart from that its an impressive game, just wish i didnt die so easily

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

i made it that way... it gets easyer as you progress :D


well the enemies shot and flew to fast and u were not firing fats enough so it was hard but u did pretty good i think

Great game.

Now, this was a fun game. It took a couple of lives to figure everything out, but when i maxed everything out it was time to take revenge on that single ship in the first mission that killed me numerous times, Overall, that was a great game, but you only got a 9 because THERE WAS NO ENDING. I was all hyped up to save the galaxy, and nothing happened, other than thatgood job.