Reviews for "Galaxy Stingray"


this was AWSEOM!!! WOOT

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

haha... thanks!

i like it, still could be improved

i know the guy who reviewed before me said this aswell, but it still can be improved, maybe add a tutorial, and a button so you can sheild yourself, other than that its a great game, nice work. 5/5.

Very Good

Wow very nice, got alittle to easy near the end of the game but overalll very good

A bit difficult at first...

People who think this game is hard didn't get past level 5. I beat level 20 and maxed out Armor, Speed, Basic Cannon, Chaingun, Railgun, and Lightning Cannon. I'll probably post anothe review if I like the other guns. I'm voting.. 5! Make more!


Great work! It was challenging and really damn addictive!