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Reviews for "Spook Loop (14s)"


It should be on front page in halloween.

Very good loop

Very good looping song, i listened to this for about 2 hours while playing WoW.

Sorry but...

didn't really care for this loop much - the timbres I think are what did it - the 'bells' up top are too high and the piano and string elements get a little muddled together.

Not a bad piece mind you - just not nearly as good as your guitar loops.

This is good...

... but I´m not sure I liked the highfreq. sound, there´s some backgroundnoice that kindof gets everything too high. U probably intend it to be like this, but I felt it was getting a lil too high on the eq.
The loop, however, is very good, and don´t get boring after the first 5 listen throughs at least :D

Nice 1