Reviews for "The Matrix DNB"

Holy awesomesauce glory!!!!

OMG, I can't stop listening
/ \


All is good but i dont understand how this dosent have 5/5!!!!!!!!! This is some good shit!


Respect. No seriously, respect.

awesome rmx!

nice remix!!! i like the way you added a few extra beats compared to the original.
nice effects on the bassline =D

Well, of course!

I'm putting together a list of music to listen to in the car. I already have 3 of your other songs for that purpose. Then I started gathering tracks based on title. I did a search for Halo, Matrix, Zelda, etc. That was yesterday. Now, I'm going through all of your songs, one by one, and I recognized this one as being a random one I downloaded.

Truly, I'm addicted to your music style.