Reviews for "The Matrix DNB"


Cool track =) , its magnificent !

79 f*ckin entries :O

amazing, outstandable even:D can you do a song dedicated to me, pleaase ^^

Propellerheads - Spybreak

Now if only I could find the piano theme from Matrix Rayne. >.<


Only the first 5 seconds got me reeled in. The nostalgia of Matrix~ Mannnn This is done well, but there was a lot more potential in the song! You could've added a stronger, heavier, and more fast drumline over the one you used or in place of the one you used. You could have also added some synths for harmonics in some parts, or just made it go silent and add a soft synth of the melody which builds up to the original beat. All suggestions! This is good as it is as well =]


I love the intensity of it... perfect for high speed fights and stuff like that... But why tell you that?