Reviews for "Lizard Sphere X 2"

I GIVE YOU 10 man !

Oh yeah you're just too funny make a parody about DBZ its too way good lol the way they fusion i laugh, and how he was after that lool like KISS you're good i want to see many episode as the real DBZ lol


can't until you make more


will gotunks stop screaming like a little bitch roflll i loved it want more


LOL the fusion was awesome! This reminded me so much of the actual show, and even though I'm a fan, I still thought some fights took WAY too long. Great stuff. Even better than the first Lizard Sphere X!


U Are so right.... i used to love DBZ but i quit watching it b/c of them always going back to the 1st episode! Its soo true how they always jus stand around then they do something great and then kick boos ass.... like come on.... so all in all Great movie and u got it right down to the T...

p.s. hahaha will he stop screaming like a bitch?! SOOOOO TRUE!