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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"


Great FF parody and the kool part is it's based on FF7 and i really enjoyed this,it had a lot of funnies in it,great job. =)

Gregosan responds:

Thanks a lot.

That was great!

OMG I havn't laughed that much in a long time! it was even better than the last one. good job. Please make more :)

Gregosan responds:

I hope so. Thanks!

Okay i guess

Next time make it a storyline and remove the text messeging and add a whatever box you like with some details especially the words so it would go well with the graphics but it was sweet!! good job.

Lol Very Funny

Another funny parody of Final Fantasy [please insert any number from one to thirteen here]. Yeah. More of these flashes please!!!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... *kick*

need I say more?