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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"

Nice sequel...

The first Final Fantasy Lawke was awesome, and this is far better than the first. My only problem is that this is too short. Aside from that, excellent. Keep up the good work. Hope you make a third one using FFX-2. I can only imagine your take on characters like Leblanc.

Great work!

Another quality FF parody. Excellent job.


I stopped drinking it was so good... Of course I had to start once the flash was over to fill the strange void.... *HICKUP* Oh ya! Anyway, the graphics were better than most locklegion movies. I *HICK* really loved the beginning and end. ...and the middle... Hell! I loved all of it!! 5/5! Cheers, mate!


lol....ive played all those ffs so i looked at your submission and was like...hmmm whatever. i started watchin it and i couldnt stop laughing. good work. five for you.

to sythius

SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IDIOT!!!!!!due this is a cool idea and if yu want to go rant and rave on about something then go make a Foamy rant if like to argue about stuff so much and btw locks are cooler than clocks.Gregosan i am sorry for sythius's stupidity but you sohld make more lock movies and maybe collab with the Clock Crew if you haven't already.

Gregosan responds:

I have never been to the CC before.