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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"


Very good I love all the inside jokes and all of the different games. Keep up the good work.


i really liked it, you always have X2 to make fun of..i saw about 2 seconds of the game and it made me want to hurl

looking forward to the one(hopefully there will be one)

past average

wasnt the bad actually...much better than average.... but it could use a little sumthin to make it the best film in a while...
youve got potential but i feel you could use it some other way

to sythius

SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IDIOT!!!!!!due this is a cool idea and if yu want to go rant and rave on about something then go make a Foamy rant if like to argue about stuff so much and btw locks are cooler than clocks.Gregosan i am sorry for sythius's stupidity but you sohld make more lock movies and maybe collab with the Clock Crew if you haven't already.

Gregosan responds:

I have never been to the CC before.

message to sythius

these are locks not clocks dumbass if your going to insult the creator for his work at least get it right you jack ass.
btw this was some good flash we need some more

Gregosan responds:

I love you.