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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"

Shut the f**k up i'm working on it.

Exactly what I felt like saying when doing that bit on FF8.


When the train hit clocklock... and when lip kept laughing lmao... Omg just great. Really made my day. Good job man hope to see more.


I love it so BAD!

This one is my top favorite, hope to see the 3rd episode, I love it so bad dude! And where did you get those musics? It seemed that's a little difference with the original FF OST, btw, I love it!

Great FF parody again!

The chocobo preloader I liked. The lock chain around his neck looked good. I liked that preloader. Anyway, again, good FF parody with locks! This one was funnier! The apple tastier joke, Aeris getting run over by a train, Cactuar, the train separating mission (which I found a very good joke) and waiting for Venus to get changed. Really funny parts and I liked them!

And the music, yay, FFVII and IX, which made me very happy! Great work again! If you happen to be making a third FF Lawk flash, then I will look forward to see it! :D

Gregosan responds:

I really hope to make a third one, but it's a real headache to think of the events in those games because I hadn't play them for a very long time...

Anyway, I have exams, so we'll see whether I'm in a flash mood after those bloody exams at 4 Nov.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... *kick*

need I say more?