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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"


Really awesome! You should make more!

And BTW icepick10, there were 6 games before your "oldschool" 7,8, and 9... *cough*

Yeaaah, keeping it oldschool

Final fantasy 7,8, and 9 were the best. still play em. The new ones are pure crap.I tried 10, it sucked, and tried 11 and that also sucked balls.

A great flash.

A well done flash but I'm reviewing it low due to the fact the the lock legion is filled with people who don't fully read reviews and just flame after reading the first couple words and in response to the response from my review from the first FF:Lawk learn to read the entire thing before responding to only a part of it. Other than that I hope to see another FF:Lawk and that the Lock Legion continues to give us more and more wonderful flash movies.

((( NOTBAD )))

This was not half bad, the "LOCK CHARACTERS" were well detailed with some cool color blends, i did notice that this flash didnt have much music or "SOUND/FX" which would have made it more entertaining and fun, as for the story it was neat kept me watching, overall notbad work, i hope to see more soon...


XDDDD Ohmigod

That was better than the first. Especially the "hahahahahaha" thing. I remember that. xD