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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"

Absolute Sex.

Your movie gave me the wettest orgasm of my life. Please sir, will you let me suck your penis. I would enjoy it very much.

<3 Samegame

Gregosan responds:

I will if you hand VenusLock to me.


Great FF parody and the kool part is it's based on FF7 and i really enjoyed this,it had a lot of funnies in it,great job. =)

Gregosan responds:

Thanks a lot.

best lock movie ever

please make more!

Gregosan responds:

this is the last episode tho..sorry.


Looking good to bad this is the last D:

Gregosan responds:

shut up! you're spoiling it!!!


one of the best i have seen from LL great job

Gregosan responds: