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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"


Awesome, but did you have to run Aeris over? She has it bad enough getting killed once.


Meh, I Didn't get all of them , But Yeah It was pretty cool though! I still gave ya a ten because I luv Final Fantasy Games! Continue like that man!


Cant get enough, You rock waterlock... Mentor me in your ways of flashness!

p.s. kick ass fifenz


Wow, you guys rock!

You guys are seriously getting better. There is so much less bad stuff coming from you guys, and it seems like there is a massive amount more of great things you guys are submitting. I can recall 4 good LockLegion submissions from the past 2 or three days. If that isnt consistancy, then i dont know what is! you guys are still earning more and more respect from me with each submission, heres my review.
The graphics are just as i like them to be with the Locklegion. Plainly aweseome. I absolutely love the drawings from you guys. They always seem to be so smooth and refined. The backrounds were wonderful too, i see effort in everything i look at! The animation was very verynice too, this is another signature thing from the locks, smooth animation to go with the drawings. The style of this movie was great too, and not just because of the animating style. The idea is actually pretty original, i mean seeing locks in final fantasy is just funny and cool at the same time. I wish i would have played those games, it would have been even funnier and overall a more amusing movie. The sound was great as well. I liked all the sounds, and the voices were actually pretty good in this one. I especially liked the part where lips just kept on laughing! Im sure this would even be funnier if i had played the games before.

Overall this was another great LockLegion submission, and im so glad you guys are helping out the portal often with great submissions. Dont make this the last one!
~Two Thumbs Up 4/5


Not bad but really FIFENED but oh well I don't care that much nice work waterlock-kurblenetlock