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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"

NOt bad

hmm the first one was beter, sorry
not as funny as the other, i think i mu=ight just watch it :D

lol, ive gotta c mor

this is th 1st LL movie ive seen n ive gotta watch mor. it ws wel funny, n if ur a fan of final fantasy's thn ull find it even beta, trust me. its pretty awsome

The funniest LL movie I've seen.

I'm not really a fan of LL either. I did find this one to be the most impressive though. Nice drawings, very smooth and clear animation. Not much animation though, and it did get very annoying with the repetetiveness of the sounds and the 5 mins later...

Try to have more of a story maybe? I dunno, 2 for style. Guess I just wasn't feeling it. 6 for sound because the computer voices kinda suck, but I did like the human voice in there. Very strong voice choice for the character look. And 10 for funny. Not because it was 10 out of 10 sort of funny, more because it was the funniest LL movie I've ever seen. So 10/10 within LL movies.

I voted 3/5. Good luck with your future movies.

What happened?

dude, the first one was wayy better. It's funny that you use different ff games, but some cant really be made fun of, y'know? (like ff9). but there are alot of ff10 things you can make fun of. For example, tidus is such a pussy.

Gregosan responds:


Lock legion stinks

I've never understood your guys' popularity. Your stuff is always run-of-the-mill and uncreative. This flash is just another talentless, thoughtless LL production. Honestly, for as many people as you have, and as much time as you put into this, and that's all you can come up with? Take some art courses or acting courses or something. Stop aiming for the lowest common denominator.

Gregosan responds:

Its funny how you tell me what to make when you havn't made a single movie yourself.