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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"

Just what I was going to expect from a lock...

Very good. It was really funny. I liked when cloud lock got the gay egg. :P


cloud: what do i get? purpleberry:you gte a egg |||| THAT WAS VERY GOOD AND FUNNY and WATER RULLLEZ THEM ALL ^^ :D

Gregosan responds:

Thanks. that cheered me up a little.

Water RoX !

No...i can't agree with quester02 ... the first episode was good a but this second ep. just ROX ! ;) I like it but what the fuck is that LAWK 3 ? R u gone mad or what ? i think u must be awfully stoned

Gregosan responds:

I didn't make that Lawk 3, some idiot just stole the name.

Just like the last guy said..

The first one was funnier... but would it hurt to use the actual character... or even just people for that matter?.. those crappy monotoned fruits are just more annoying than funny...but then again all your flashes are based on them.. (-_-;)

not too bad

the graphics were pretty good, but i think the first was funnier