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Reviews for "LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2"


Yeh it was pretty funny. i dont like locks or tweens but u had sum good jokes bout ff. well done.


it was pretty good. i dont think its the best FF parody ever, About Random Battles is still my fave. some blood in the opening scene (where aeris is suppose to be) would be funnier if it had some gore...hehe

i loved it

this is one of the best FF parodies i've seen so far

The best! My 5's to you.

Ok I usually hate clock movies. I seriously think they are dumb but you my friend have showed me they are not that bad. The voice work was good the scenes were well made as well as the music was correct. You have made the best clock movie and the funniest. I love this thing and keep em coming. And dont get discurriged by bad reviews if they say stuff like . You dumb ass you suck or things like that they dont work. People seem to misunderstand the pourpuse of a review . A bad review should tell you what u did wrong not insult you. And a good review should tell you what you did right and why it was right and you should follow it. With that said great flash my fives to you sir.

Lol Very Funny

Another funny parody of Final Fantasy [please insert any number from one to thirteen here]. Yeah. More of these flashes please!!!!!!