Reviews for "Daily2oon08312005"

Ah yes.... a newer crew actually worthy of joining

though i thought that personally...last monthe special was better.....laughed my ass of to this submission....

theis series keeps getting better and better....my personal favorite was the one with Tom and Wade singing,,,,boy was that enjoyable

as submission after submission passes....you cant help but chcukle at some great talents and some , occasionally absurd randomness the SS brings forth.

p.s. And dont worry F00D...i still <3 you

i havent seen a "best of" dailytoon in a long time

the last "bet of" dailytoon/2oon was probably the 50th one,psycho jester (and i was grounded from comp for the rest of the toons so i dont know what was after that,except the 100th one i saw). whatever happened to him or coolboyman or jOOb,last time i saw one of there masterpieces was for the carcrash/7 star,wait a minute,wasnt it him,oh well,this reveiw is for today and now. i didnt get to see it cause today my comp is realy messing up,but im sure its good so after this im restarting my comp and hopefuly it will cooperate so i can see this tremendous (hopefuly) daily2oon


Love everything by Jetninjin, and Ritl is also very good. Hitler stuff is getting boring. There are all kinds of evil people in the world past and present to parody, let's see some of those portrayed as only the Star Syndicate could do justice. Stars in Hell was also interesting, though I hope it wasn't a prediction.

I'm only a right-clicking bastard...

Because the first thing I do when viewing pretty much every non-basic flash I ever watch on this 8+ year old computer... is right-click and change quality to low. So damn straight I right-clicked. DAMN YOU RIGHT-CLICK MENU-DISABLING BASTARDS. ;_;

Anyway... thanks for the warning, turned the volume down on my headphones a bit after clicking view all.. and then the visual and auditory collage began.

A good mix between the short-ass bits and the long-ass bits, me thought, though a FEW of the latter dragged on for a bit too long. BUY SOME STICKERS. COMING NEVER 2006.

And raining body parts and blood. Awesome sequence there. But it didn't really prove anime sucks as a result. Whoops.

Ohhhh, Zekey. Barney makes funny sounds... recreated. Pretty damned good. And yeah... so... no way in hell I can cover every little bit of this thing (from Katamari to the Piclownazis to the Six Flag guy to the ROFFLES to the ALTS AND PROXIES to the edge of sanity), but it was quite tasty on the whole.

Its ok

its ok