Reviews for "Daily2oon08312005"

best daily toon ever

every thing in it was good, ok most things in it were good.....

well I liked some of it


This stuff just gets better and better. I demand a DailyToons collection page!


'nuff said.

long but worth it

this is one of the longest flashes i have ever seen man. even though there was no basic story line for this, it was very good the one the was very funny was the one of $300 for voice acting.
but all of them were funny too so yeah......................good flash

i havent seen a "best of" dailytoon in a long time

the last "bet of" dailytoon/2oon was probably the 50th one,psycho jester (and i was grounded from comp for the rest of the toons so i dont know what was after that,except the 100th one i saw). whatever happened to him or coolboyman or jOOb,last time i saw one of there masterpieces was for the carcrash/7 star,wait a minute,wasnt it him,oh well,this reveiw is for today and now. i didnt get to see it cause today my comp is realy messing up,but im sure its good so after this im restarting my comp and hopefuly it will cooperate so i can see this tremendous (hopefuly) daily2oon